Full Moon Affirmation: I Submit To The Flow of the Universe

Two nights ago I dreamed I was hunting a stag with a bow and arrow, and when my arrow pierced its flesh it did not run from me, but came near to me and extended its hooves toward me, then lay its head in my lap. I wanted to push it away, this bleeding being seeking comfort from and offering forgiveness to the one who caused it harm, to not be close to what I had done. As it breathed out its last breath I cried. I felt the grief so acutely in my dream state that I can summon the feeling just by remembrance in my waking hours.

I do not share this dream to be analyzed. I share it to bring attention to the weight of being in each of us that lives deep below the logic we so prize, the being in us that remembers, that feels, and binds us together with all the other beings the earth has produced in ways that words cannot describe. We should consider these bindings, and the ways in which we honor or dishonor ourselves and each other through them.

Prior to completing the channeled messages for you, which are below (and you can read for your sun, moon, and rising sign as you wish), I was listening to Aesop Rock and these words from the song Gopher Guts stood out and demanded to be included with the full moon messages:

Today I pulled three baby snakes out of moss and dirt,
Where the wild strawberry vines toss and turn
I told them, “you will grow to be something inventive and electric;
You are healthy, you are special, you are present.”
Then I let them go.


You draw much energy in to yourself at this time that you can direct as you will. Restraints and limitations are releasing, transforming. Learn what it means to be fluid, and you will tap into great power. Some of your long-held views are the root source of your confusion and uncertainty. Re-assess your assumptions and you will find clarity. Let go of moralized labels and any and all forms of black and white thinking, and ease will come to your mind and your life. Take a bit of time to visualize what you want to manifest, then take action with gratitude.


You’re being called to face experiences that will test you and directly impact your view of yourself. You can face anything with a strong belief in yourself, your abilities, your power. Commit to self-talk that reflects self-confidence. Do not seek validation outside of yourself, for this will take you off track. You have everything you need within you and when the challenging experiences pass (as they always do) you will have gained much through having kept unrelenting faith in yourself. Greater intimacy with loved ones will likely result, along with greater clarity through these challenges.


There’s a bit of a playful, trickster energy around you, inviting you to come out of your inner thoughts and enjoy the life you have with childlike abandon. You are positively overflowing with creativity and it will lead to much growth if given an outlet and room to expand. Do not worry so much about money or finances. Know that the money will come and is already on the way (consider this your confirmation of that), and keep your attention on what you are creating instead. You’ve outgrown some comfortable aspects of your identity, and it is time for you to officially break free of that which no longer fits. Let your passion be the fuel for your actions, for the direction of your life.


Take it slow and don’t get in your own way. Remember who you are and set a reasonable pace. Goals have become expectations, and expectations have become a trap, a snare you must free yourself from. The wind surrounds you always, but when was the last time you ran with it? Do not forget that you come from the earth and do not forsake the real world of water and clay and beauty for the false world of false gain and endless doing. Practice being and remember who you are in the moment. Pay attention to the details of your life, readying yourself for what is to come.


Self-pity will be your downfall if you allow it. You’re paying too much attention to those voices within and without wailing and moaning about the state of the world and of life and it is affecting you. All this focus on what you feel is wrong and what you dislike is blinding you to what is good and beautiful in your life. Gratitude can be a powerful antidote to self-pity. But also, take a nap. Attend to all levels of your wellbeing. Try to see a little clearer and take full responsibility for your reality. Acceptance and action are your greatest allies. You need to expand the scope of your awareness, and as clarity comes, do not retreat into the dark. Refuse to judge yourself, choosing instead to simply take right action based on the clarity you receive.


Approach your life with gentleness and all will go smoothly. This is a time when things are happening naturally without much effort on your part. You can learn much from the way the natural world behaves and this can help you stay in a natural rhythm and flow of grace. there is something electric about you right now that makes everything easier, and you may find yourself a conduit for powerful messages and revelations. Your intuition is your best guide, and it will continue to show you the way. Pay attention to your emotions, aim to remain calm and available to your loved ones.


You must face your fears, not push them down or run from them. Get to the bottom of what your fear is really about. So far, you have only scratched the surface, and the goal post keeps moving. When you think it’s about one thing, go deeper to find to the truth. Do not feel you have to go it alone. Seek trusted counsel and soon you will have relief. What you repress or hide from you also give power. It does no good to pretend. These fears and anxieties will make themselves heard, and when you refuse to listen it can feel like madness. It is time to free yourself. Speak up, speak out, stand your ground, and do not avoid confrontation.


Be especially aware of deception, most notably self-deception born from desire that is disconnected from reality. Some of the most beautiful things are deadly, like the allure of Belladonna which can bring life to an end with a single potent leaf. You could find yourself in a right regretful situation if you do not arm yourself with knowledge, heed the warning signs, and control your desire. Do not be seduced by appearances or words. Look always for the truth. Someone or something may not be what they seem. Think of the risk if you give in to a temptation that doesn’t end up going your way. Watch what you do, as others are also paying attention.


Go with the flow and try not to take life too seriously. Opportunities born of strange situations may arise. It’s best that you be prepared for anything. The problems you face require creative solutions, and you may be prone to sudden revelations where everything clicks into place. Creating order out of chaos requires a light touch. The truth is found in unlikely places. Be prepared to compromise, resist overreaction, and do not hold fast to timing. You’ll need a new creative approach. You’ve got it within you. Be watchful and don’t be hasty. Read the fine print before taking any risks.


Uncertainty isn’t really your favorite thing but right now it may be difficult to get a clear view of what’s ahead. You’ll find that some things are coming to an end, some people may even leave your life, and instead of trying to charge ahead you’ll need to sit with this. Fear of loss and fear of what is on the other side of loss may be potent. If you can stay with yourself in the moment instead of allowing your mind to wander to the future, you will have an easier time navigating your present terrain. Quiet, focused time alone where you tend to yourself will benefit you, but stay connected to others overall. You must consider what is truly best for you now.


You’ve got yourself in a bit of a sticky wicked.* The antidote to your present misery is compassion. When you feel like being too hard on yourself, choose compassion instead. When someone else is unkind to you, instead of taking in what they say as truth, choose compassion for yourself. Let their words be about them and leave it at that. Avoid gossip, and fix your thoughts on what is kind, lest any malice creeps in. Love is a great protector. When you live in full knowledge that you are loved, all manner of unscrupulous energies and beings flee. Consider what love really is, its nature. When you think lovely thoughts you become lovely like them. Shape yourself into something beautiful and this beauty will spread to others. Reclaim your power and do not discount the power of words.


Sometimes the first step forward is a step taken fully in faith. This is one of those times. Check in with your intuition and begin. A new beginning is afoot, or a new phase, as it were. You are on the path of greater independence, and there is so much promise within you. Make sure you are traveling light. Shore up your confidence, step forward, and release. A reconciliation with someone from your past may occur. In all ways, your energy is best spent looking forward, not behind. Let what was go, so that what will be, can be.

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*Lest anyone come to correct me about this, it was a purposeful play on words courtesy of the spirits. I’m well aware that the term is actually “sticky wicket.”

Featured image via Pixabay

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