The new moon is a couple of days away yet. I completed the readings for it today so that I can fully take a much needed break to recharge. My own life has been seeing a lot of changes, no doubt due in part to my work with Ganesha over the last lunar month, and I need the time of this week to reorient according to my rhythms within.

The fiery energy of the Sagittarius new moon is full bodied and rich, connecting to the lava deep within the earth and resounding a call to the fire within our heads. All falsehoods burn away until brilliant white fire shines clarity through our eyes.

The words of Yaima are this new moon’s anthem: allow all your worries to dissipate, the sun and its light are one in the same. Listen here.

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New Moon Affirmation

I communicate with honesty and honor my truth.

You can read for your sun, moon, and rising signs below. Have a blessed new moon.


Just because growth is slow, doesn’t mean nothing is happening. You’ve been aware of what isn’t working for you for some time now, but afraid to fully let it go. Just as plants get root rot from too much water, you too can poison your own growth by fixating on outcomes and pouring excessive energy into things that just need time. When this happens, there’s no choice but to dig out the plant to see what roots are salvageable and what needs to begin again from seed. Some form of releasing and soul tending need to occur now without excess. You need space to heal, to get in touch with you primal nature, and space from those who would see you subdued.


The ideas you hold about yourself, others, and the world can be disorientating and distracting. It becomes easy to scatter your energy when you are always focused outwardly. You’ll find your strength and your will by turning your attention inward, and you’ll find clarity and direction here as well. It takes special strength to not be driven and swayed by what is going on around you, and your challenge now is to tap into this strength. Connect with your higher wisdom. Set down the ideas and beliefs that make you miserable or don’t truly belong to you, even if they’re being echoed to you by those you hold dear. Determine what is important to you independent of others opinions and you will become unstoppable.


Abundant creativity and the end to what has been created are both sacred. Lessons of life and death surround you and each end of the spectrum demands its due. You are just as connected to the moon and stars as you are to the rich, dark soil of the underworld. You hold both within your being. You are the conduit for each kind of wisdom. You have barely scratched the surface of the depths of either. There is more for you to discover, and the way is sacred, and it knows nothing of your well worn paths of exploration. You will come to these gifts through surrender, with a quiet mind that does not grasp for rational or logical understanding. You will know them in ways that defy words. And you will be richer for it in true understanding.


Some of that burnout you feel has to do with eschewing those who are happy to lend their support to you. Sometimes when life gets busy and you feel that you’ve given to much, the idea of connecting with another person is nauseating and the desire to isolate is overwhelming. You see these connections as another way for others to take. You forget that this is one of the ways that others give, and one of the the ways that you can be fueled and your burnout mitigated and relieved. Tend to your friendships. Slow down and reconnect with those you love. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. You’ll be surprised how many people in your life are happy to oblige because they love you and want to see you happy and well.


Once you see the whole truth clearly you have a responsibility to act in accordance with it. Put your defenses down, relinquish all facades. There is no place for continuing to do what was done before you knew better. Sometimes masks present a paradox of truth, but only when they are worn with wisdom and purposes not rooted in insecurity and fear of change. Let all that is untrue fall away and you will be renewed. Truths that are deeply rooted will light your way and help you see and reflect clearly. You have to nourish what you want to see thrive. Nutrients only come from the innate composition of a being. Cut through all pretense and growth will explode outward.


What you search for and desire can only be found in connection. Connection is the key to all dreams, all opportunities, all success. It is all a web of connection, and each strand reverberates with the others. Examine where your loyalties lie and what it’s getting you. Sometimes what you thought was lost comes around in a new way, presented differently but still providing what you need. You might miss this if you aren’t truly receptive and aware of the interconnectedness of all things.


Your power is accessed by going within and salvaging what is fertile from all of the healing work you’ve done. You can easily navigate all terrains of your inner world, and your healing is transforming into growth. You must be aware of how you direct your energy. It is common to be thankful for what you can create from your pain, but make no mistake: this creativity is a testament to your resilience and innovation. The credit never goes to what hurt you to begin with. Focus your energy on what is growing in your life now as a result of the work you’ve done. Guide, shape, and direct it.


Because you cannot control how others respond to you, you may be tempted to avoid sharing all you’ve been cultivating privately. Tribulations cannot always be avoided, and while it is wise to be discerning about who you share your heart with, you should not hide yourself from the world out of fear of being too much. A nettle stings when it is handled with bare flesh, but it is a balm when it is steeped as a tea. So too are you a balm for some and a sting for others. This is not a reason to turn away from the world. Those who don’t respect you will learn the medicine of a sting. Those who do will receive the medicine of your balm. The reactions of others are their own responsibility.


Deep within the clay of your being is a capacity for joy and magic that balks at limitation. Self-discovery is in the wind, calling you to new adventures and new depths. The way opens for you, and deep desires are working their way into being, accompanied by great joy. Soon you will see the manifestation of your longing. For now, let your gaze and aim be true, rooted in the flame of your creativity. Connect with the source of the fire within yourself.


You can only receive what you need when you approach your needs with honesty. Turn away from judgment and toward compassion, trust, and patience. Do not hide from yourself or others. Test out the promise: “ask and it will be given.” Be receptive to your blessings, and clear about your feelings and needs, or there will always be distance that is difficult to breach.


Everything is fleeting in the grand scheme of things, and the enjoyment of your life can be drained as a result of taking it all too seriously. You may benefit from speaking to someone about what has you feeling bogged down. But beware of those who offer help that does more harm than good. Pay attention to what is left unsaid, to body language, to energy. Your body knows who can be trusted before your mind does. You may experience a painful revelation as a result, but remember, it will not be this way forever.


You cannot avoid the difficult work of healing. What you have been avoiding is demanding your attention ow. Trauma that has not been processed will make itself seen and heard one way or another, it cannot be denied. Approach yourself with compassion. Avoid making judgments, avoid harsh criticism. The beginning of healing is in passing through the gates of grief. Though it may feel scary, there is magic to be found here, and you do not have to walk this path alone.

Featured image via pixabay.

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