It seems counterintuitive in a culture and society that thrives on competition and scarcity to foster a generous spirit within. When we are so focused on what we think we lack, there’s not much room for thinking of others and how we can give to them. And yet, generosity and gratitude are the wellspring from which abundance flows.

When we begin with gratitude we see all the ways our needs are being met, all the ways our ancestors and the divine earth herself show up for us and take care of us. Gratitude is how we train ourselves to see the blessings in our lives. It opens our eyes to the sheer abundance of our blessings, and it opens our hearts to receive more.

And yet, gratitude is not the full stop to abundant living. Gratitude is the rich soil that cultivates a generous spirit, and the two together are what open the channel for full abundance to flow. Abundance is not a circle of receiving, thanking, and accumulating. Abundance is expansive, and it asks us to share so that it can continue to expand and grow. It is a circle of receiving, thanking, and giving that expands ever outward.

I’ve seen many abundance affirmations, most of which center around the phrase I Am Abundant. And yet, there is very little conversation around what it means to actually be abundant. Most of the time, people connect abundance with money, yet this is a narrow connection and definition. Money itself is an energy, a spirit. It is connected with abundance because both like to move and grow, but abundance is about much more than money.

To be abundant is to be expansive and generous. Abundance is generosity. You cannot have abundance without generosity. If you have an abundant crop, the earth was generous toward you. To keep in the flow of this, you must also become generous. And this is about much more than money. It is a way of existing and relating. You can be generous in your thoughts toward others, or with your time, or in a variety of other ways.

The way to foster abundance in yourself is to begin with gratitude and generosity. The way to not get bogged down with money-specific ideas of generosity is to think of generosity as gratitude in action. Some examples:

• I’m grateful for my mother so I wrote her a letter sharing how much I admire her.

• I’m grateful for my family so I cook them dinner.

• I’m grateful for the earth so I actively work to keep the environment clean and healthy.

• I’m grateful for the chance to improve my life so I give my time to causes that help others.

• I’m grateful for a friend so I bought her coffee when we spent time together.

And so on. A gratitude journal is a great place to begin for cultivating abundance within yourself. The act of writing it down is magickal. But don’t stop with counting your blessings. Let it inspire an action plan to bless others, and between the two you’ll begin to see just how abundant your life can be.

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One thought on “How To Become Abundant

  1. I really like your point! Usually, concepts like abundance is ill-defined. So, it looks like something out there we cannot reach. It is important to materialize it a bit so it will relate to our daily lives. This way, we will know what to with that concept.


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