This black moon also heralds an end to Mercury Retrograde, though Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are still appearing to spin backwards. It’s been an emotional July and personal relationships have been quite affected by the energies of these retrogrades, in conjunction of course with the choices we’ve made and the way we have lived our lives.

Below is your guidance for tomorrow’s new moon. You can read for just your sign sun, or you can read for your moon and rising sign as well for a fuller picture.


Concentrate your energy. There will be an abundance of it, which will enable you to achieve your goals and assist you in making great strides and efforts. You will need to bring your mind under control and focus your efforts. You may find that you are being asked to give much, and feel that you aren’t sure where it will come from, but in the last moments your reserves will well up. Make sure that whatever you are giving your energy to, it is a worthy cause.


There is natural magic flowing in and through you. Get outside and get to know the life in the world you inhabit. Spend more time close to the trees and other plant life, learning their wisdom. You will find that you are more comfortable in your own skin when you do so. This is a time of great growth for you, where confidence is blooming. Maintain patience and continue to hone your skills and talents by using them.


It’s time to cleanse your connections. Curse energy may have entered your life, and it is manifesting in excessive criticism and unkindness. Cleanse, bless, and move forward with gratitude. Resist the urge to be unkind. Instead, put on the armor of compassion. Nurture the connections in your life, your friendships, and be aware of the way your words can impact others for better or for worse. Setting boundaries doesn’t have to come with baggage. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by others, your boundaries have already been overrun. Let it go, and make a fresh start.


There is so much love in your life. You are surrounded by people and spirits that adore you. Really feel this truth, deep in your bones, in the heart of your soul. Important relationships take center stage and a new adventure is on the horizon. You may find that some relationships are deepening. Healing is likely to occur. Don’t shy away from being vulnerable. Let the love and support that surrounds you inspire you to take new actions and try new things. Embrace this growth.


A bit of depression and self pity are creeping in, and you need to face what is underneath it. Spend extra time on yourself, whether that means cooking healthy meals, long baths, exercise, or scheduling in adequate down time for your life with a permanent marker. You need to return to what is sacred to you. Finding the deeper meaning in life, instead of skimming the surface, will bring greater fulfillment. Gratitude is the quickest way back into sacred space within your soul.


It is time to face your fears. What you have been avoiding is coming face to face with you, and it is time you see things for what they are. Look for the meaning behind the events of your life. Look at what your fears are communicating to you about your perceptions. It is important that you know how abundant you truly are, and to begin with recognizing this as a foundation to your life. You’re getting this opportunity, which is a fresh start, but it cannot begin without you taking the time to face the fears that have been holding you back.


New beginnings abound for you, as well as growth in important areas of your life. You are being asked to protect what is important to you, and you will benefit greatly from adopting patience as a main virtue. All that is strong and steady takes time to grow. A glimmer into childlike innocence is likely to occur for you at this time, reminding you of parts of yourself that had been shoved aside while you dealt with what has been going on in your life. Take some time to nurture those joys, to connect with what makes you feel happy.


Some of your experiences may have been quite brutal as of late. Life has broken you out of your safe ruts, and in your soul you know this to be necessary, though you may be experiencing fear and sorrow as a result. Don’t try to put the pieces back together. It is time instead to create something entirely new. The need for protection is quite strong for you at this time. Up your spiritual protection game, call on your ancestors for their protection, and be kind to yourself as you navigate your life. The way will become clear.


There is an energy of wholeness and completion in your life, and it is to be embraced. Recognize how far you have come, all that you have accomplished and relish the fruits of your labor. Make celebration and fun a high priority. Embrace the good feelings and stay in the moment. Everything has its season, and every season should be thoroughly enjoyed.


It’s time to make some changes and put a little spring in your step by trying new things. Release the past and move forward with confidence. This is a great time to consider planning a trip or for traveling. Let your heart lead the way. Have faith in your path and trust the process of your life. This is the time to refresh, this is a time for new experiences. The things you’ve been putting off can be done today, so do them. You’ve been through a lot and it is time for you to shine.


Everything is not lost. You have many hopes, and now is the time to build the foundation for them to come into being. Put your efforts into creating the life that brings you the most joy. There may be some difficulties happening right now, some conflicts, but the storms will pass and the question will be: who are you now that the storm is over? What lessons have you taken from your experiences, what was torn down so that something better, more true to you, could be built? Keep hope in your heart. You can weather anything that comes your way.


Overcoming adversity takes tenacity and a will to remain true to yourself despite whatever opposition comes your way. Whether or not you’ve been totally honest with yourself and others is about to come to light. You have a natural magic within you that is not to be stifled. Observe how every animal that makes its way in this world does so by trusting its nature. Trust your own nature. In doing so many obstacles will naturally fall away, and the path will open.

Image via pixabay.

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