The light of this month’s full moon and the lunar eclipse bring a new level of strength to any workings done at this time. Where purpose has been uncertain, clarity can be found. Where dream work is undertaken, success is at hand. And where magick is worked, strength is given.

I’ve channeled the guidance below for you for this time of the full moon. You can read for your sun sign, your moon sign, and your rising sign, or just one, whatever feels right to you.


Go inward and connect with your higher self. This is not a time for action, this is a time for rest, retreat, and inspiration. You have to do the inner work to manifest what you desire outwardly. There is caution against hasty movements, and also against totally groundless flights of fancy. You can bring more magick into your life by keeping quiet and going within. You can avoid unnecessary danger, pitfalls, and issues, by listening to that little voice of caution. Don’t ignore your intuition. Don’t ignore what comes up when your mind is at rest and the little voice of guidance is clear. This is not the time to second guess. Trust the information that comes through.


You could benefit from more romance in your life, so take the time to foster it and add it into your daily rituals. Romance looks like a lot of different things, but the one common factor is the absolute joy of the moment and observation of the blessings in your life. Do something out of the ordinary for yourself to spark this energy, such as traveling somewhere you’ve never been before, or on a whim. Give yourself a bit more freedom to be spontaneous and see what adventures await you.


You can no longer avoid the work you need to do within yourself. Anything that’s been on the back burner, or avoided, will demand your attention at this time. Where you have worked so hard to be in service of others, poverty of spirit may begin to show through any neglected areas of your own life. You could reach a breaking point if you don’t pay attention and start doing the work for yourself. There is a grief to the way you’ve been assisting others. You can light the way, but you cannot walk the path for anyone else. Know your limits and respect them, and be of service to yourself this full moon. Take time to connect just for you, and keep your experiences in this as secrets for your own self.


Hope is a lovely companion, and one you should preserve within yourself despite the transient nature of life and experience. There is much to be gained from the hardships you face, and much growing for you to do. You may have to decide what must go and what must be preserved at this time. Treat this as the sacred work it is, and be gentle. Trust that the necessary changes will bring you great personal benefits, and don’t resist. Bend like the yew tree so that you do not break. The dawn is coming. Hold on to hope.


It is all about adaptation for you at this time. Give up the impulse to rail against your circumstances, and shift with the situation instead. Learning to be fluid, to hold on to the basics of your convictions while releasing your expectations, is the strong curve you’re facing right now. You will meet resistance until you learn to flow around it. You will meet with difficulties until adaptation is second nature. Forget the labels of “good” and “bad,” forget the impulse to assign moral weight to your circumstances- it blinds you to the wisdom and the blessing. Find peace in acceptance and make your moves from there.


Spiritual awakening and a greater sense of wholeness speak to this time for you. Enjoy the way that life is flowing together, the connections that are being made, and the distinct truth that you need nothing outside of yourself to be complete. There is a definite active energy around you at this time, put it to good use by enjoying your blessings. A sense of greater belonging is strong for you. Do not look ahead in fear. Instead, be in the moment and take all the joy you can from it.


Step outside of your comfort zone, and stand up for yourself. You don’t need absence of fear in order to act on what is right, and to do what you need to do. All you need is to embrace the courage that flows within you, and trust in yourself. There is a need for you to be clear about your boundaries and to take care of yourself without fearing repercussions. It is always scary when there is the potential for conflict. This is not the time to shy away. Practice speaking up for yourself and nurture the seed of courage within. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what comes of this.


Great blessings are yours. You may receive a gift, or help from another at this time in unexpected ways. Make sure you pay it forward. Unearth the talents that have either been hidden or lost within yourself and begin to nurture them so that you can share the gift of these with the world. Take time to look below the surface, to see things for what they are. Let wisdom inform your decisions, and know that the universe gives with both hands. You have a responsibility to revive the parts of yourself that have been buried, hidden, or seemingly lost. This is the key you’ve been looking for. Don’t throw it away.


Not everything is as it seems, and you may need to step away from a situation to get a clear understanding of it. Take space and do not feel pressured to interact with anyone who gives you the creeps. There is protection upon you, but you should up your game on it and take greater measures. Someone could try to mess with your mind a bit or manipulate you. See it for what it is, name it, and banish it. Don’t get caught up in trying to justify yourself or your perceptions. If you’re not clear on what’s going on, seek counsel from a trusted friend.


There’s a resurgence of love in your life, and this is the time to allow others to get closer to you. Know that you are seen and loved just as you are. Have patience with yourself as your heart undergoes healing. Seek the company of those who lift you up and make you feel good when you are around them. Know that you have an entire spiritual entourage in the form of your ancestors surrounding you and rooting for you. Healing is not a linear path of progress, there will be ups and downs. Refuse to judge your process and be kind to yourself.


Inspiration and spiritual communications may come to you in dreams and daydreams. Don’t write them off, but do write them down. You’ll be happy you did so later. Share what you truly want, what you dream of for yourself, with those you care about. Speak up and speak out with what needs to be said. Don’t forget to listen, though, to others as well. At this time it is important to be very careful of any documents or anything else that you sign. Read the fine print. Communication happens with energy and pauses, imagery and odd occurrence, as well as with words. Pay attention to all of it to get a clear understanding.


Nourish your connections and take extra time for the important relationships in your life. Be deliberate about those you spend time with, and thoughtful in your interactions toward them. If you hurt another, you are also hurting yourself. If you’re kind to another, you are also kind to yourself. No connection is ever fully broken. Mend the necessary fences with feeling. Do what you can to keep your side of things clean and clear. There are opportunities for second chances here. It will take great consideration for these opportunities to work out.

Image via pixabay.

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